Where would you like to go on vacation in California? 

You will be doing a project in which you will be answering this question as well as the following questions.

Imagine that you can go on a vacation anywhere in California. Think about these things... What are the plants and animals you would see there?  What are the special features of the plants and animals that allow them to live there?  What is the weather like?  What type of clothing should you wear?  The answers to these questions will help you to complete your project.

What Is the Project?

This website will give you the resources to help you complete your project.  Click through the pages and read about the different areas of California that you can choose from.  Think about what you have learned in science this year.  Apply what you know and what you have learned. Now decide where you would like to go to on vacation in California.  It might be an area that you have already visited.  Go to the "project" page and find out the steps you need to complete your project.  Have fun.  Be creative.  Show what you have learned!!!!!!